Our bridal appointments are 1.5 hours long, to give you plenty of time to find your dream gown.  Please submit an appointment request, so that we will have time to help you!   We carry bridal sizes 6-28, 
 (Regular size 4-22)  Our prices range from $1000-2500, with the average price being $1300-1500.  We also have rack of sample dresses that range from $400-950, for immediate take home!

If you are on a mobile, scroll the form with your finger on the far right bar for easy operation.  If the "Request Your Appointment" button doesn't respond, PLEASE scroll up and see what field is missing an answer- this is the number one reason people have trouble submitting a request! 

When we ask for your dress size on the form below, just give us your regular clothing size- you don't need to know your bridal size.

After you submit your appointment request, please give us time to respond to it- it is not automatic, a real person will schedule your appointment and then send you a response.   If you need to cancel, you must click "Cancel" in your confirmation email or text.  Not confirming your appointment is NOT canceling it.  We look forward to meeting you!