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We are so excited about this new line we are carrying! I mean, just look at this gown:

This is Florina, the quintessential southern belle gown!

Have you ever seen layers like this??

You will make quite a statement walking down the aisle in Florina!

Next we have Arianna:

What a fabulous Fit and Flare!

Love the geometric beading.

This gown is called Juliana:

The bodice looks like the petals of a flower.

Look closely- they are beaded, too!

The flow-y chiffon skirt with ruffled edges finishes off the look.

And now- Catalina:

The lace, the beading, the pleats ...

Love the lace back, too! This gown flatters the figure to perfection.

And last but certainly not least- Ophelia:

The beading on this long sleeved ballgown MUST be seen!

Does this back just kill you??

These gowns will be in the shop soon- and Florina is here already! Make an appointment to come try it on- you won't regret it!


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