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Lovely Savannah, Georgia

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Just a quick post featuring the beautiful city we live in!

Sarah Lord, of Lady Lord of Hair, fabulous hair and makeup artist is modeling!

What would a photo shoot in Savannah be without a trip to the "Stairs of Death"- Factor's Walk? (No pun intended!). A little history, from the Savannah's Waterfront site-

"Where the colony of Georgia began.

The waterfront has always played an important role in Georgia, whether as a colonial port, exporter of cotton, or tourist destination. Historic River Street is situated along the Savannah River where the colony of Georgia was founded in 1733 and the location of the original Port of Savannah. In the 1700s it was the main location for goods coming into the city and by the mid-1800s Savannah was the leading exporter of cotton in the world. The four and five story buildings along the waterfront were cotton warehouses.

Located between Bay Street and River Street is a series of iron and concrete walkways, known as Factors Walk, connecting the buildings to the bluff. The people who set the prices for cotton and many other exports were called Factors, which is how this area got its name. The first commercial house below the bluff opened in 1744.

The hand-laid cobblestones that pave the ramps leading from Bay Street down the bluff to River Street were originally used as ballast material on the many ships that sailed into Savannah’s harbor. The ships collected chert, quartz, granite, basalt and other rocks from their initial locations and deposited the stones upon unloading in Savannah. The stones originated in a number of exotic locales including Madeira Island, Spain, Canada, France and the British Isles. Savannah settlers found the stones to be an affordable and abundant building material and used them throughout the Historic District.

The last cotton office on the waterfront closed in 1956. Then in 1970s the area was redeveloped by local landowners and urban planners determined to revive the history and prosperity of Savannah’s Waterfront."

"In June of 1977, at a cost of $7 million, a new waterfront plaza was unveiled. Some 80,000 square feet of empty abandoned warehouse space was transformed into a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries. This urban-renewal project helped stabilize downtown and was a large part of the revitalization of Savannah’s Historic District."

River Street today is a charming mix of history and tourism. Definitely check it out if you are visiting our lovely town!

One of the walkways connecting the bluff to the buildings.

Sarah is wearing a fanciful A-Line from Lillian West, with a ruched tulle bodice and full tulle skirt with 3D flowers.

We move to Savannah's beautiful squares, one of the most recognizable symbols of our city, besides the Forsyth Fountain, that is! From - the Gallivanter website.

"The History of Savannah's Squares

Way back in 1733, when General James Oglethorpe first placed boots upon the soil we know call Savannah, he had a grand scheme for laying the city out in a manner which made sense, was easy to navigate and gave the citizens of this new city places to do things out in public. So, General Oglethorpe came up with the idea of laying the city of Savannah out in a grid pattern with Squares, which are open areas made for public use, spaced out throughout this grid. These Squares were originally used to practice and drill for the militia, but today they are gathering places of beauty and history.

As locals, we find it soo relaxing to head to one of the Squares, listen to the music being played and drift away into a much simpler time. When you visit Savannah make sure you leave some time to explore the Squares of Savannah. There are 22 remaining today (there used to be 24).

Even as Savannah was being built, the city was built around Squares. These Squares became the backbone of modern day Savannah.

All of our Squares offer a glimpse back into the history of Savannah. Look at the houses and historic buildings, peek your head into one of the homes that offer a tour. It is all part of what makes Savannah great and you owe it to yourself to experience it."

Come dance in a gorgeous Savannah Square with us!


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