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My First Experience

Walking into the interview to work as a sales associate/bridal consultant at Camellia was truly unlike any other experience I had ever had. I, generally, am a nervous person. I sweat a lot when I get anxious, I stumble over words or I’ll just ramble on and on, and typically when I go in for any type of interview, that’s me – sweaty, rambling, and most likely appearing as uncomfortable as I’m feeling inside. I didn’t feel like that when I opened the door and walked into this beautiful bridal shop, though. As I came in, although I was fairly nervous (I mean, it was a job interview after all), I also felt a sense of calming. There was an upbeat love song playing in the background and all the windows provided great natural lighting that complimented the open but organized layout of the boutique. I was greeted by the owner, Nicki, and shortly after we both settled down in the comfy seating area and just talked. I felt extremely welcomed from the moment we said our hellos – she even knew my name! I wasn’t just a scheduled meeting, I was a person with my own personality and short story to tell. She treated me like I was important, and I could tell she really cared about every word I was saying. Even if I hadn’t got the job considering I had absolutely zero experience coming into this opportunity with everything to learn, she never once made me feel like it was impossible. In fact, she started teaching me directly after the formalities of the interview were over without even knowing whether or not she was going to hire me or one of the other 4 or 5 girls she interviewed.

Since I’ve started working at Camellia, that same positive energy that she introduced me to on my first day in that shop is the same positive energy that she and I give to every single bride that walks through the door. We have their names displayed on a cute letterboard at the front of the store, so that as soon as they walk in they get to feel welcomed and not as though they’re just another appointment. We try and tailor our approach based on their needs or wants, but we also try and get them to explore all available options so there’s no stone left unturned and so they can learn something new, even if it’s only that some styles of dresses aren’t as farfetched on them as they originally thought. We never force anything on anyone, and (just how she did with me) Mrs. Nicki does everything she can to reassure brides that their dress is out there and they will find it, even if it takes two or three visits to any bridal shop to do so – it is not impossible.

Long story short, my experience at Camellia thus far has been one huge learning experience and a whole lot of fun! Not only am I able to greet new and unique brides all day, but I’m constantly learning something new and sometimes I even get to see moms and daughters and sisters and aunts and best friends cry tears of joy and take adorable pictures with the “Yes” sign after a dress is found. It’s an amazing place with an amazing atmosphere, and I can’t wait for more brides to stop by.

Tia ♥

P.s. Sometimes, I get to try on the dresses too.. How cool is that??


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