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New Beginnings!

Finally, a beautiful blank space! Time to clean, scrape, spackle, paint, and clean again. I can't help but be reminded of other new beginnings- Bumbleberry's, my first shop in Manhattan. It featured women's and children's clothing and accessories, all designed and made by me. A true learning experience, and a treasured time in my life.

There were more new beginnings after Bumbleberry's- but that's a story for another day! After the bare bones were laid, my dear husband and I put together racks and he built the frames for the dressing room. I made the curtains for them and sewed a TON of lace for the window curtains. Bull Street Auctions was a wonderful source for antique furniture, along with some pieces I "borrowed" from our house. The most fun was a trip to Atlanta to pick out wedding gowns that would make brides want to say "YES"!

And, of course, as we were working away, so was the Corona Virus. By the middle of March it was clear that an April opening was probably not going to happen. But we were able to open May 5th, and with masks in hand (and on faces) we are ready to give Savannah brides a wonderful dress shopping experience!


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