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Our Favorite Dresses for a Fairy Wedding

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

My personal style incorporates some of the fairy aesthetic, so when a bride comes in telling me she wants that look, I know it is going to be a fun appointment! Fairy brides typically want a dress that flows, has floral embellishments, and an element of whimsy.

My mind immediately goes to Alana (Lillian West by Justin Alexander).

She has the most beautiful sleeves that are made of two layers so you can see lace underneath the outer layer. My favorite part about showing brides this dress is pointing out the butterflies within the bodice. The material just floats around you and I mean just look at that slit!

One of my other fairy favorites is Leah (Lillian West by Justin Alexander).

She is a ballgown with layers of horsehair lined tulle to give it extra volume. The 3D floral appliqué is beautifully placed and adds just the right amount of visual interest. The plunge neckline and side seams are flattering, and as someone who has tried on this dress, I will say it fulfills the ballgown dream of a perfect twirl!

And because I can't get enough of Lillian West by Justin Alexander, this is Poppy.

This fit and flare has gorgeous leaf-like lace and...

... it is removable! Underneath the outer layer is a silky satin low back dress that would be perfect for a reception second look. I personally can't get enough of both versions. It is elegant, glamorous, sexy, and a perfect fairy option for a more classic bride.

Next up is Juliana (Innocentia)!

Innocentia is a brand from Ukraine that will absolutely take your breath away. Their dresses are some of the more unique ones in our shop and Juliana is exactly that. I am always reminded of the Tinker Bell scene when she arrives in Pixie Hollow every time I see her which is evidence for why she made it on this list! This dress is light and airy and perfect for a fairy bride getting married in a warmer climate.

Finally we have Zara with the Zara Overskirt (Lillian West by Justin Alexander).

This is a more romantic option with stunning lace and paired with the overskirt, it is enchanting. I have noticed that not many brides will pick out this dress on the rack because of its larger lace, but I highly suggest giving it a try! It is a fresh look that satisfies the fairy aesthetic.

One of my favorite fairy brides asked to try the Zara Overskirt on top of Alana (the first dress) and it took my breath away!!

If you couldn't tell, Lillian West by Justin Alexander is one of my favorite lines for fairy brides and we carry 30+ of their dresses! If you want to come see them and more, schedule an appointment with us (ask for Lindsey!). We can't wait to help you find the one!

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