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Pride Styled Shoot!

Well, June may be over but Pride lives on, so here are some lovely photos from our Pride Styled Shoot!

This shoot was photographed by the wonderful Melanie McCullough of Melanie McCullough Photography, with one of my brides, Kaitlyn and her fiancé Ginny modeling.

Aren't they adorable?? Kaitlyn is wearing a Camellia Private Label Gown, and I tried my hand at bouquet and boutonniere arranging!

How fabulous are Kaitlyn's shoes??

Melanie did this beautiful picnic setting, and the AMAZING cake was from Melvin of Grins and Giggles Cookie Company. The best part was getting to eat the cake afterward!

The filling was Pineapple Basil- wow, it was good!

We wish these two a fabulous wedding!


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