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Top 3 Design Elements of Semi-Modest Wedding Dresses

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

It is a little harder to find modest wedding options in an era full of plunges and sheer panels, but there are a few styles that are to die for. Most of the dresses pictured are not traditionally modest, but have a chic element that brings them into this category.

1. Scoop Neck

First up is Jackie by Lillian West. The scoop neck covers cleavage while still being flattering. The curve makes it a little more feminine opposed to a straight neckline.

Another example of a scoop neck is Dimitra by Morilee. She is actually my favorite dress in our shop! I can't get over the layers of lace and corset boning.

2. Sheer High Back

Blakely from the Wilderly line by Allure is a perfect example of the intersection of modest and sexy. The sheer lace back adds coverage while making a statement.

Maya by Lillian West has the same effect.

3. Sleeves

Emmett by Justin Alexander is an absolute showstopper. The sleeves provide a level of modesty that is mature yet whimsical.

Ofelia by Innocentia has beaded lace all over the gown. She is so breathtaking we had to show her off on the mannequin that you see as soon as you enter our shop.

Combining modest and sexy can be difficult, but these three design elements fall right into the sweet spot.

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