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Where the Heck Did the Garter Toss Come from?

The Garter Toss at weddings is one of those love it or hate it traditions! One of the legends is that it used to be considered good luck to have a piece of the bride's gown, so guest would start to rip pieces off of it after the ceremony. ARRGGHH! And there are worse stories- that the guests used to accompany the bride and groom to the bedroom and take the garter as proof of consummation. Whoa, we're not even going to approach that one!!

So SOMEONE- a bride I'm sure- came up with the idea of a removable piece, to throw to one lucky guy, for the best luck. A much better tradition!

But please, can we stay away from the pulling it off with the teeth?? Please???

Nice and civilized- thank you!

So the guy that catches the garter is supposed to put it on the single lady who catches the bouquet- the higher up the leg the longer the marriage will last. Am I the only one who is glad that most people don't remember that part? Then they have a dance together. Awkward, but could be a nice way to meet someone. A good story to tell your kids!

So what if you're a bride who doesn't want all that drama? A keepsake garter is just for you, to be kept and saved for another generation. My mother's garter was taped behind her wedding picture, and now I have it draped over the corner in my family's secretary, which is in my shop. Something to treasure indeed!

My start in the wedding business was with an Etsy shop, and it didn't really take off until I started making garters. I have loved the opportunity to make unique, lovely garters, in many different colors. My garters have sold all over the world, which makes me feel glad I am a small part of this tradition!

They are all custom made, so you don't have to worry about the fit. Lacy and traditional, or wild and bling-y, there is definitely a garter at my shop to suit you. Or work with me to design your own- like this ballerina garter for a dancing bride!

There are so many original designs, I can't post them all! How about Rose Gold?

Come visit us and create your OWN tradition!

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